Masters Executive
Security Services (MESS)

Founder of Masters Executive Security Services (MESS), Essam Ali, has over 30 years of active experience and service in strategic defense planning and coordination. Known as the “best of the best” within the security and defense industry, our team presents the highest level of executive and professional security services at different geographical locations for various personnel, businesses, and events. Masters Executive Security Services’ team includes licensed and insured, trained, and experienced security professionals. This includes :

  • Prior Military Service
  • Federal Law Enforcement
  • Professional Unarmed and Armed Security Guards
  • International Executive Security Experience

In addition to top-level security, clients gain the support and collaboration of an executive security service that ensures safety, confidentiality, and personalized security solutions to best secure you and your operations while taking into account different budget criteria. Additionally, we supply and offer a variety of logistical and security equipment for specific operations and predetermined missions. Masters Executive Security Services (MESS) continues to show success in assignments regarding threat prevention and security defense tactics for domestic and international missions and local and large corporations. Additionally, our involvement includes the protection of VIP celebrities, designers, and CEOs, heads of security, and bodyguards for Royal Families, along with providing safety measures for luxury residential and properties.

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Masters Executive Security Services (MESS) is a solution that you can trust for protection, performance, and maintaining operational productivity. Our services include Unarmed, Armed, and CCW Security, Residential Security, Executive/Close Protection, Workplace Protection, and Transportation. Masters Executive Security Services (MESS) provides professional security for mansions, warehouses, yachts, mobile and physical operations, and VIPs. We deploy active, reserve, and former Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) and/or Military personnel for more specific situations. Our teams also include guards, drivers, and security with various language, computer, and weapon skill sets to accommodate different mission assignments.

When assigned low or high-priority missions, we strategically develop a plan to protect and accommodate your operations and best interests from arrival to departure. During the initial preparation phase, we conduct pre-engagement planning to better optimize guard, patrol, and security performances. We develop security parameters for both internal and external operations and assess the risks and threats per each mission objective. Our security force will focus on exercising proper engagement, observance, and inspection procedures to tactically and strategically manage threatening situations. This approach enables us to maneuver and extract VIPs and high-priority objects, position and organize security systematically throughout an operation, and support your needs without interference.

Mainly, we provide “Security Solutions for Your Peace of Mind,” which provides professional security services that best meet your business, operations, personal, and private matters.

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