Workplace Protection

Workplace Protection

Conflicts within the workplace vary in frequency and aggression. Provided security clearance, Masters Executive Security Services (MESS) team of security guards and experienced professionals may better maintain workplace security and business productivity. To better preserve the safety among staff, executives, office property, and workplace environments, our elite workplace security remain diligent and proactive before, during, and after operational hours. These duties include, but are not limited to, preventing unauthorized personnel and visitors from infiltrating company grounds, neutralizing threatening workplace situations, resolving tensions between employees, and contacting additional support for emergency situations. 

Workplace Protection also sustains business productivity during stressful and unpredictable times. This includes instances where tensions escalate in the workplace due to difficult economic periods, unstable markets, department and individual layoffs, moments of erratic employee behaviors, and recurring criminal and vandalism activities. Masters Executive Security Services (MESS) ensures that our workplace protection personnel serve as an additional layer of protection who are qualified and adept in effectively observing, monitoring, and surveillancing various operation fields such as parking lots, hallways, break rooms, and office spaces. Correspondingly, you may find that our workplace services include agents capable of maintaining discrete and low profiles when traversing through operations to better identify and prevent potential workplace threats while ensuring the safety for your staff, employee’s personal belongings, and office equipment and property. Moreover, these agents are available on-call and on short notice, will cooperate with local law enforcement, and assist in the protection and safety of your workplace. 

Workplace Security Services
Workplace Security & Protection


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