Unarmed Security

Unarmed Security

Unarmed Security provides an executive, proficient, and professional level of property and personnel protection and transportation for different operational objectives. We recommend unarmed security for observation, surveillance, inspections, investigations, and violence protection. Maintain the safety of your personnel, property, and environment with reliable Unarmed Security.

We provide experienced unarmed security with uniform and punctuality. Unarmed security services are personnel trained in inspection, observance, hostile engagement, and professional transportation. It includes premise patrolling, granting verified personnel access into operations or personal and private facilities, or identifying, reporting, and managing violent outbreaks. Additionally, our unarmed services may monitor surveillance and alarm systems and cameras for residential or enterprise estates.

Masters Executive Security Services (MESS) personnel orient teams around your business objectives. Depending on the objectives, our unarmed security provides the protection and performance to deter onsite threats, crimes, and vandalism. Different unarmed security services include 24/7 support, morning, afternoon, and evening vigilant guard duty, business reporting, check-in documenting, and daily activity reports. We offer quick response, CPR-certified personnel, and radio communications security. Our teams are available for both short- and long-term objectives and contracts.

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Our mission is to assist you in securitizing your property and operations. We plan, protect, and perform professional security services for your business, personal, and private matters. Contact Masters Executive Security Services (MESS) to strategically modernize your security needs!