Executive/Close Protection

Executive/Close Protection

(MESS) runs risk mitigation measures when offering Executive/Close Protection services. Ideally for the protection and safety of VIPs, our teams provide effective countermeasures for individuals that may encounter additional risk due to their involvement within a specific affiliation or high-profile status. Our security professionals have served corporate executives, VIP’s, foreign influencers and ambassadors, and royal families. We extend Executive/Close Protection services throughout different us regions while ensuring immediate protection for close-proximity hostile or threatening engagements. 

Serving as your security advisor and guard, your personal security is our utmost priority. We perform an in-depth threat analysis which includes potential risk scenarios, security briefings, contingency plan preparedness, and assessment of elevated threat situations.

To better assist our clients with living a more peaceful lifestyle, our executive security services significantly reduce disruptions and threat profiles while facilitating multi-stages of strategic security plans to protect you, your loved ones, and associates. Close Protection Plans for traveling clients are also within the capacity of Executive/Close Protection services. We arrange for more rapid and expedited location departure and extraction, conduct security patrol and surveillance for entry ports, airfields, traffic routes, hotels, and events, while securing ground and air transportation for clients. Travel to remote locations more freely while we manage potential close-quarter conflicts.  

Executive & VIP Security Service
Executive Security and VIP Protection


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