Our Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) security will serve in public or private settings. Depending on your specific business operation or needs, licensed and certified Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) security personnel at Masters Executive Security Services (MESS) will carry out assignments, duties, and defensive procedures while maintaining a low profile. From daily and routine security duties to confidential missions, our team of CCW personnel will follow assigned protocols while ensuring safety and professionalism.

When choosing Concealed Carry Weapons Armed Security, you may request when, how, and where our teams perform their duties with concealed weapons. Our CCW teams are trained and licensed in weapon concealment and deployment and are also capable of mitigating or preventing risk with self-defense. Our CCW teams may also be integrated with other Masters Executive Security Services (MESS) personnel for objectives relevant to ride-along, extraction, and transporting VIP and high priority objects. Additionally, CCW armed security provides the essential duties armed and unarmed representatives perform, with the additional sense of peace and security. This includes documenting and reporting visitors at facility entry and exit points, patrolling residential and commercial estates, and monitoring surveillance and alarm systems. With Masters Executive Security Services (MESS) CCW forces, you may better protect your priorities from threats, crimes, and potentially hostile situations.

Concealed Carry Weapon Security Service
CCW Security


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Our mission is to assist you in securitizing your property and operations. We plan, protect, and perform professional security services for your business, personal, and private matters. Contact Masters Executive Security Services (MESS) to strategically modernize your security needs!