Armed Security

Armed Security

Armed Security (exposed firearm) personnel are trained and licensed with exposed firearms. Our armed teams exercise risk prevention management and threat mitigation to protect designated personnel and environments. Professional armed security services may maintain consistency within operational workflows and resolve potential and highly hostile situations.

Our armed security is licensed professionals with exposed carry weapons on standby. Trained and experienced, armed services address potential and highly stressful hostile situations. This includes personnel aware of identifying, confronting, and preventing threats to ensure safety. Special protective operations include protecting VIP at residential and commercial estates, maneuvering, and extracting objects and personnel quickly and safely, and guarding high-priority areas for prolonged durations of time.

In addition to armed services, our personnel conducts both armed and unarmed duties. Masters Executive Security Services (MESS) focuses on effectiveness and efficiency when preparing teams for various assignments, missions, and objectives. Our uniformed armed security also conduct observance, inspection, monitoring, and radio communications tasks on or off-site. This includes both small and large residential and commercial estates, warehouses, yachts, logistics ports, and public and private events. Other responsibilities of our armed security are ensuring that weapons remain in operational and functional order, attending additional weapons and arms training, and submitting detailed and organized incident and daily reports when on duty. Armed security may record visitor details when guarding facilities, enforcing new security measures, and remaining in professional security attire while active on missions.

Armed Security in Los Angeles
Licensed and Trained Private Armed Security


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